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Chromalox Heat Trace

Chromalox Heat Trace Cable

Watlow Heater Products

Proheat is an authorized distributor of all Watlow heater products, including cartridge, strip, and tubular heaters.

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Watlow EZ-ZONE®​

Watlow EZ-ZONE®​

MDI Hot Runner

Proheat is an authorized distributor of all MDI hot runner injection molding products, including nozzles, systems, and controllers.

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Hot Runner Nozzles

Hot Runner Nozzle

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Proheat is an authorized distributor of Chromalox heaters, sensors, controllers, and more.

All Chromalox Heaters

Chromalox Heaters

All Chromalox Heaters
Slide Mold Release

Proheat is an authorized distributor of Slide mold releases, lubricants, rust preventives, and more.

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Slide Mold Release Products
Chromalox | History's Most Reliable Heater

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Chromalox | History's Most Reliable Heater

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