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Solid State Relays

Rugged Premier Family -- SV Series
10-75 Amp, AC/DC input, up to 660 Vac output, LED indicator and safety cover. Superior Surge Survivial(TM) technology.


Optically isolated
LED status indicator
Clear safety cover included
800 volt blocking voltage (3V models)
1200 volt blocking voltage (6V models)
4000 volt isolation
Zero voltage turn-on
Improved built-in snubber
High surge capability
100% tested at rated current
U.L. recognized
C.S.A. certified
CE compliance

SV Dimensions:
Inches (mm)

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The DIN-A-MITE family is the ideal solid state replacement for mercury displacement relays in an easy-to-install, compact, touch-safe package. The solid state power controllers provides SCR control, heatsink, wiring and touch-safe exterior in one package. By designing the DIN-A-MITE as a total power controller unit, the need to prep wires for terminals, find the right heatsink and determine adequate terminations is eliminated. It's a complete package you can install easily with Control Confidence.

Four DIN-A-MITE styles meet most power controller needs with ratings from 18 to 100 amps with voltages from 24 to 600V~(ac) The four models match load requirements with 1-phase, 3-pase/2-leg and 3-phase/3-leg switching. The controllers also provide a convenient DIN rail and sub-panel mount package.

DIN-A-MITE Power Controller

DIN rail and back panel mounting is standard on every controller. Capabilities include single-phase zero cross switching up to 25 amps at 600V~(ac).  
Variable time base, 4-20mA process control or V~(ac/dc)
input contactor versions are available.

DIN rail and back panel mounting are standard on every control. Capabilities include single-phase and three-phase zero cross switching up to 40 and 22 amps, respectively, at 600V~(ac) (see rating curve). Variable time base, 4-20mA process control or V~(ac/dc) input contactor versions are available. A shorted SCR alarm option is also available

DIN rail and standard panel mounting plus a cabinet thru-wall mount version is available. Basic features include single-phase, three-phase/two leg, and three-phase/three leg, 24-600V~(ac) operation. Current switching capabilities range from 30 to 80A depending on the model ordered. Variable time base, linear voltage and current process control or V~(ac/dc) input contactor versions are available. Also single phase, phase angle firing and current limiting are available.

Watlow DIN-A-MITE® Style D
The standard back panel mounting footprint is equal to that of an industry standard mercury displacement relay. The DIN-A-MITE Style D is capable of zero cross switching up to 100 amps single phase, at 600V~(ac) at 30°C (86°F), depending on the model selected. Gang together the input of two or three controllers and you can control three phase. It is totally touch-safe and includes standard back panel mounting, on-board semiconductor fuses (accessible from the front) and a current transformer option for external load current monitoring. An optional "shorted SCR detector" feature is available on some models.   Variable time base, 4-20mA process control, or V~(ac/dc) input contactor options are available.

Watlow DIN-A-MITE selection guide